Baby Chick Chickpea Flour Scramble [GF, NF, SF, V]


Easter Vegan Scrambled Eggs

For a vegan take on scrambled eggs, here is a chickpea flour scramble. The chickpea flour batter is steamed in a pan for a tender,…

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Parsnip Puree Sorbet Prank [GF, NF, SF, V]


parsnip puree food prank

This is a harmless prank for the unsuspecting sorbet lover. Steamed parsnips are pureed to look like sorbet and colored naturally with vegetables. Fresh mint…

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Shamrock Cauliflower Colcannon [GF,NF,SF,V]


St Patrick's Day Shamrock Cauliflower Colcannon

Inspired by traditional Irish colcannon, this dish is made with pureed cauliflower rather than mashed potatoes. Scallion, kale leaves, and parsley leaves are sautéed and…

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Football Pull Apart Grilled Cheese Sandwiches [NF, SF, V]


A pull apart grilled cheese sandwich perfect for a football party. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches are baked together in the oven, and decorated to look…

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Pencil Raspberry Oatmeal Bars [GF, NF, SF, R, V]


Here is a “back to school” food idea that teachers and students will love. This recipe is for allergy-friendly raspberry oatmeal bars shaped like pencils.…

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